What Next?

This is the final question we’ll explore in this article series.

In the previous What If? And What Now? articles we looked at some simple but powerful questions. We started with What If you could rise from trauma and difficult situations as a new 2.0 version of yourself? A new Confident version, knowing your Values and Worth; able to live a life on Your terms, and feel like the Hero of Your Life Story - which is your absolute right.

Having embraced this possibility and becoming rightly excited by the prospect, we asked What Now? What do you do with that vision? Well, you started to pack for your adventure. You packed all the Positives and what was serving you from the past and the present. You also reflected on some of the things that haven't been serving you – the frustrations and stresses from the past and today. Then, suddenly, you had a glimpse of the exciting destination you’re going to be travelling to. It looked Extraordinary.

So, What Next? It's great getting packed with all these Positives and with a vision of your destination, but you now must start your adventure. Now is the time to gather your Focus, your Commitment and set your Intentions. You can’t think your way through this adventure; you must take Action.

Warning: This is often when doubts and anxieties begin. Am I Good Enough? Is this even possible? I don’t deserve a better future. This feels selfish. What will others think? I don’t like change. I don’t have a path. This all sounded exciting to begin with but now it feels risky, scary even.

Welcome to the start of your adventure!

The truth is, at this point, many will retreat. Many will turn back. Many will unpack. The comfort of what we know, even if it made us miserable or left us feeling like we had more to give, will seem more secure and safer than change.

This is when your Courage and Faith are required; and I know You have these qualities. This is where clear Purpose is required; and I know you want a Happier, Healthier more Purposeful future for You and Your family. You’re going to have to build this future, but I know you’re ready. After all, you’re currently navigating the biggest change and challenge humanity has experienced in generations. That’s truly impressive.

So, what could ease and support your journey?

What about a Travel Book?

Something that could warn you about the pitfalls and mistakes others have seen. Something that could ensure you don’t stop, like with many New Year's Resolutions which begin with excitement but end three or four weeks later when motivation has subsided, and life has got in the way.

The journey to our future self will be full of twists and turns. There will be challenges and there will be decisions to make. So, maybe a Travel Book would be useful, especially if it helped prepare you for some of the obstacles and how you’re going to overcome them. A Travel Book might even include a map on which you can plot a path. That really would be valuable.

What about a Skipper?

That’s right, a Skipper, a Guide - to accompany you on your adventure, to help you navigate the inevitable choppy waters and be there to boost your courage when you need to make leaps of faith.

A common, and critical, mistake made by those who retreat from starting their adventure, and who start but don’t complete their adventure, is that they believed they had to journey alone. Most considered it a failure and a weakness to ask for such a Guide. Some just didn’t know who to ask. The excitement of What If, What Now and What Next became a tragically regretful If Only.

I can tell though, that’s Not You. You are Committed to your better Tomorrow. You are Inspired and Motivated. You know that seeking or asking for support is a Superpower that can unlock your potential. You know that in every Heroic story the Hero has a Guide, a Mentor, a Skipper, whether they are a Jedi, Wizard, Superhero or Genie!

… and if there is any ounce of doubt, let me share with you … my Mentors, Coaches and Skippers have been invaluable on my adventure. We share the highs, the lows, work through the inevitable doubts and obstacles; and ultimately celebrate every milestone and success. Through experience relationships and bonds are created; and I can confirm there’s no greater experience than the adventure of life!

Time for Action


Much has been covered in this series of three articles, and they are worth reviewing again. The more clarity you have on what we’ve explored together, the better the position you’ll be in to start your adventure to a better Tomorrow. As a tip, I highly recommend you write down all your thoughts, as it’s far easier than holding everything in your head.

That Travel Book

Now, if you’d like to take things a step further, you may wish to seek that “Travel Book” I mentioned earlier. Whilst various Travel Books are available at all good book stores, may I, in the interests of saving you time and continuity of our journey together, suggest taking a look at my Travel Book “Pivot: Is It Time For Change?”. It takes you through the entire journey of starting the new adventure of changing your life for the better.

It’s very practical and you’ll learn a lot about yourself, how to set yourself up for success, minimise obstacles, take the action required and maintain your motivation.

I wrote this book because I know it would have been useful when I was about to make significant life changes. A guide that was short, easy to read, practical, insightful and would give me a head start. I know that if your head is already filled with life, a little anxious but full of desire for a better life, this one is for You.

Find out more here and download a Free sample.

That Skipper

Choosing to seek a Guide to accompany you on your journey is no small decision. From the Courage and Faith of reaching out, however, can be born a Trust, Honesty and Relationship that greatly expands your world and opportunities.

So, when it comes to your adventure, I’m “all in”: I will champion you, I will challenge you, I will celebrate you, and I will be as passionate about your journey as you are.

When things get tough - and they will - when you start doubting yourself and all the stories of why you can’t do this start popping up, we’ll talk it through. We’ll dust you off and remind ourselves why we started this adventure and how far you’ve come.

Topping that off with my decades of learning and experience condensed into hours and days for you, is there anything else to consider?

Well, I’ll significantly increase your chances of reaching your destination, and significantly reduce the time it takes to get there.

So, if, in some ways, you feel like we’ve already started an adventure together, and if your bags are packed and you’re ready to jump all in, committed, focused, inspired and motivated to go on an adventure of a lifetime into an Extraordinary Tomorrow … then you and I need to talk, before our transport leaves! Contact me today.

Finally, in whatever way you decide to continue your journey I wish You well. Remember You are Worthy and You are Good Enough. You’re the Hero, this is Your Life and You deserve to go out and Live It. During these Extraordinary Times, with so much reflection, change and re-engineering happening, there really hasn’t been a better time to start building Your Extraordinary Tomorrow.

Good Luck.


Martin Seville © 2020

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