Pivot: Is It Time For Change?

Introducing the brand new book by Martin Seville.

This book is written with these Extraordinary Times in mind, but is equally relevant for anyone looking to make life changes now or in the future. It's a practical guide to the whole concept of Change, why we fear it, why we need it, the tell tale signs that you need to make changes and ultimately how to go about successfully making changes to your life, be that personally or professionally.

Making a life change is like going on an adventure. After the initial excitement, there will be moments that test you, moments when you wonder if you're prepared, or whether you've made a serious mistake. Martin explains that doubt, obstacles and challenge are all a very natural part of the adventure, and there's a lot in your control that you can do to increase your chances of success.

So, if you're thinking that now is the time to improve your life, make positive changes, reach for the stars or build an Extraordinary Tomorrow, this guide will help you make a great start and set you up to reach your destination.

In Martin's own words:

"This is the guide I wish I had, back when I was making the massive shift from Corporate life to owning my Own business. The big blocks of change are easy to see, but it's the details, the doubts and frustrations that are tough. Being able to learn from the success and mistakes of others is one of the great gifts you can give anyone. It sets them up to achieve success quicker and with less setbacks. That can only be a good thing. So, when it comes to Change - or "Pivoting" as many like to call it - I wish you all the very best on your adventure, and hope you find this guide a great source of comfort, preparation and support. Here's to Your Extraordinary Tomorrow!"

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Martin Seville

About the Author

Martin Seville loves to unlock Adventure through Coaching, Speaking and Writing. He is the founder of Extraordinary Times and Empathy Coaching; and he brings all his passion, experience and training together to Inspire, Motivate and Educate You to build and live an Extraordinary Life.