Did you know that even before these extraordinary times came along Money was the #1 cause of Stress in the western world? Believe it or not as well, this stress was spread throughout a vast range of incomes, jobs and lifestyles. Looks can be deceiving, and money stress can be caused by a great many things.

So, with this in mind, it's no surprise that Money continues to be a major concern and cause of stress today.

With the world reduced to essential services only (incidentally, a wonderful spotlight on who and what really is essential in today's society) many businesses have paused trading, closed, sent workers home and even laid people off. There's a complicated variety of Government support, use of holiday leave, unpaid leave, reduced wages and indeed, for many, no support at all.

Combined with the uncertainty of how long this is all going to last, it's only natural that household outgoings and earnings are under scrutiny. Many people are making quick decisions on ways to save money and increase income, at least for the short term. As I mention in the Your Business section, there's also an incredible opportunity for many small businesses to be creative in what and how they do business, to maintain an income and / or secure income once we are through this period - if you're not clear on what you can do, I'd love to discuss it with you.

So, what can you do and how can I help? The first point of call is, absolutely, to understand what both the Government and those you pay money to can do to support you. Many banks and mortgage providers, for example, are putting things into place to support you. Beyond this here is how I can help:

1) Reduce UK household bills - electric, gas, landline, broadband, mobile
2) Earn a UK income by helping friends and family reduce their household bills
3) Personal introductions to financial experts I know and trust, including my Money Coach

You may want to jump right in to see if you can Save Money on your bills. Or, by having a chat in my Virtual Coffeehouse we can discuss exactly what your situation is and the type of support you need. If I can't directly help you, I'm confident I can recommend and refer you to professionals I personally know and trust. This way you can be assured of the same level of care and support I give and expect.Now, N

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A simple way to see if you can save money on your UK Household bills - Electric, Gas, Landline and Broadband. Click below, fill in your details and I'll run the figures. I'll then let you know if I can save you money! It's that simple.

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If you'd like to chat through where you are with money, we'll figure out whether I can directly support you or introduce you to a trusted expert - whether that's Fanny, my Money Coach, or trusted Book Keepers and Accountants.

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Fanny Snaith

Certified Money Coach
This is my good friend and Money Coach. If managing your money better, making it work harder for you or a healthier money mindset is something you'd like to explore, let me personally introduce you. Fanny is one of the best Money Coaches in the UK.