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Always insightful, and always encouraging you to reflect on what Extraordinary Today and Tomorrow you could create.

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What If?

Rising from these current times, a trauma or difficulty is possible. Not easy, but possible. I know this, because I've done it and witnessed the courage of others do it.

You've got to believe it though. You've got to want it.

Maybe this article will plant the seed that grows into your Extraordinary tomorrow.


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What Now?

Once you realise you really can rise from trauma and difficulty, it's natural to ask What Now? That's what we cover here.

This second of three articles, encourages you to prepare for your adventure into an Extraordinary Tomorrow.

It's advisable to take stock of the past and present. Pack wisely and positively.

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What Next?

With the vision of your destination coming together, and your bags packed full of positivity, it's pretty much time to start your adventure into an Extraordinary Tomorrow.

Just some final checks required and some optional extras worth reviewing to improve your chances of reaching your destination.

Let's Go!

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If Only I had a Choice

When we feel stuck or trapped by a situation - a job, a relationship, a routine, an environment - we often feel like we have little or no choice.

The fact is, we're all incredible story tellers and it's this, helped by our brains trying to keep us safe, that makes us feel like we have no choice.

Let's explore another way.

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If Only I Had The Courage

When you embrace the fact that you do have a Choice to stay or move out of unhelpful, unfulfilling, unhealthy situations, our old friend Doubt might creep in.

This second of three articles, explores how we can reduce those feelings of doubt, and even lessen our reliance on Courage.

Sounds like a great life skill to have.

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If Only I Knew Where To Start

With Choice, Motivation and a hint of Courage, the sky is now the limit ... and maybe that in itself could be a stumbling block. Now you have too much Choice!

Let's make some final preparations for your adventure into Choice and Change, with an exploration of where to start.

A Better Life awaits You.