As 2020 has progressed, it has become clear that in the face of a worldwide pandemic we have an Extraordinary opportunity. An opportunity to build an Extraordinary Tomorrow for generations to come; to leave behind systems and beliefs that no longer serve us, learn from today, take all the positives and build something new.

At Extraordinary Times we believe this is our historic opportunity. This is how we build the legacy of our "Roaring Twenties". Just imagine, in 100 years times - indeed sooner - our relatives living without some of the outdated failings we have to, because of the Choices we make and the Action we take Today.

We don't have all the answers, or even all the questions, right now but we do know that there are 3 particular systems which have become sadly outdated and out of touch: Business, Education and Politics. Even small moves in these areas will benefit everyone and improve two of our other deep passions - Community and Planet Earth.

If the opportunity for historic change fills you with as much excitement and purpose as it does us, we'd love for you to join us, support us and share your stories of the new Choices and Actions you make and witness. Stay tuned for more information, updates and examples of incredible Change already happening. #ExtraordinaryTomorrow


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Let's make Tomorrow Extraordinary


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