Firstly, let me reassure you that whatever you are feeling right now about these Extraordinary Times, it's completely natural.

Whether you're feeling worried, anxious, frustrated, sad or a great many other things, it's okay. Change in any form creates anxiety, let alone something of this nature on a global scale. It's not just you.

Which brings us to our important Second point - never has it been more accurate to say "you're not alone" in how you're feeling.

Literally, billions of people across the globe are going through the exact same feelings as they work through what this means for them, family, friends, work, money, health - now and in the future.

So, with this said, I am here to help; in fact so are many of my trusted inner circle. What I know with certainty is:

1) This will pass, and
2) We Will get through this Together.

The most effective way of getting through this - and any challenge in life - is to Talk about it with someone who can genuinely support you without judgement or agenda - whether that's about your emotional or physical health. That's where my trusted partners and I come in, to support You with finding calm, a new healthy routine and even the opportunity to reflect. Let's talk things through.

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Ed Mobbs
EMpower Gym

Fitness Coach
Let me introduce you to my good friend and the fittest guy I know. Ed is incredibly experienced in physical training and professional sport. The beautiful thing about Ed is he also nurtures the mental benefits of exercise and not just a membership, but a Family. With both Online Sessions and a Physical Gym, there is no one else I'd recommend more highly to help you achieve your fitness goals, no matter what they may be or where your starting point is.

Rebecca Lightfoot
Tip the Balance

Nutrition and Wellbeing Coach
Let me introduce you to my good friend, and beautiful soul, Rebecca Lightfoot. Your Health and Wellbeing is so important, even more so during a pandemic. There are, however, so many things in your control that can make a significant difference to your energy and how you feel on a daily basis. Rebecca is masterful at helping people manage their wellbeing in a totally manageable, realistic and powerful way. Get in touch today.