Let's be honest, the business landscape changed overnight. In fact, the whole world changed.

Commuting has changed from the frustrating and expensive battle through rush hour traffic, to an easy short walk across the house.

The variety of glass, brick, small, towering buildings, shared desks and dim meeting rooms we spent considerable amounts of time in have been replaced with dining tables, laps, trays, make shift desks made from pasting tables and if you're lucky a home office - once the boxes and bags have been moved to one side of course.

Throw in the fact that children are no longer at school, and grandparents can no longer take them "for a couple of hours" and treat them to the things you weren't allowed when you were their age - and things get really tricky! Space, technology, broadband, patience ... all start to be tested.

Even if you usually work from home, or do so as part of flexible working, this is all very different.

The fact is I can't reconfigure your house or occupy your children. I can, however, help in a variety of other ways. There are some important conversations I'm having with Business Leaders, Employees and Business Owners.

> Adjusting to working from home.
> Managing employees from home.
> Using video technology to stay in touch.
> Supporting clients through this time.
> Exploring new opportunities and different ways to do business.
> Peer support and connection for small and medium sized business.
> Introductions to my trusted Business Coach.

Something I would like to stress to my fellow small and medium business owners is that during times like this creativity is rewarded. Just because you can't do things like you used to or can't book new clients, there are still many ways in which you can support existing and potential future clients.

I've guided travel consultants (who have a Massive opportunity by the way), book keepers and coaches, for example, who believed all was lost, only to discover they have huge value to give now and to put themselves in the best place when we overcome this global challenge. That's the power of conversation and getting a fresh perspective.

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Let's discuss how you're adjusting to home working or your small business challenges right now.

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OMNI Network

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OMNI is a network I'm a proud member of. Based throughout the UK, I help organise the Gloucester North meeting. Now more than ever we need business owners to join together and support each other. That's what we facilitate. Meetings are now done Virtually and are very popular, so get yourself booked in.

Adam Brooks

Sales Academy
Let me personally introduce you to my fellow Firewalker, professional Speaker and accomplished Business Coach and Trainer. Adam is a trusted friend and my Business Coach. He's been responsible for many of the incredible opportunities I've had the privilege to be a part of on my business journey. When Adam says he's "in your corner", he means it. Adam can support you with Every part of your business.

The Visible Coaches

A Free Facebook Family
If you're a Coach or Therapist, there's an incredible Family I'd love to invite you into. I host a Facebook Group of over 500 incredible Coaches and Therapists from around the world - at all stages of their business journey. We support, educate, motivate and inspire each other both personally and professionally. We give you business opportunities, chances to practice your message and mentoring. You'll get a warm welcome.