Welcome to Extraordinary Times

Never before had the entire human race stopped so abruptly. As we entered the new decade with hopes and dreams little did we know what our very own Roaring Twenties had in store for us. There's no doubt history has been in the making.

WE, however, are the generation living through and experiencing these Extraordinary Times. It's OUR lives that are experiencing massive shifts in the way we live, work and communicate; and such change is rarely easy. This is where Extraordinary Times comes in - bringing together a collection of world class support to help You navigate these Extraordinary Times.

I've built my support around the most common themes:

1) Personal, Family & Employee Wellbeing
2) Money Concerns
Keeping up Social Interaction
4) Small Business Owner Support

I also see three distinct steps every one of us are going through in today's climate:

Processing the emotional impact > Finding new routines and habits > Reflection and learning

No matter what stage you are at, I can help - and if not me I'll likely know someone who can. It requires only one thing from you ... to reach out.
I know reaching out takes courage; but you have that Courage. A short friendly, informal chat can change so much.

Explore the site, take advantage of the opportunities and growing number of resources inside, and I hope to speak with you soon.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy and remember just how Extraordinary You are.

Martin Seville

Please enjoy, and take Reassurance and Hope from, this specially created short film.
In fact, this is what inspired the whole Extraordinary Times Movement!

Extraordinary Feedback

"I’m finding what I took away from the empowerment course I recently attended invaluable during this very difficult time, we are all going through.

I would normally have gone into a crazy panic, I still have moments like that but I am now able to calm myself and refocus - thank you

- Katy

"Wow! Talking to Martin is like a breath of fresh air and he has given me a totally new perspective on the current issues facing my business.

Martin takes the time to listen and through powerful and insightful questioning, draws out where you want to be and how you want to do it! I felt stuck before our coaching but I now feel I have a gift, full of positivity and ideas for the future, to open whenever I am feeling less than.

I can't thank you enough Martin."

- Jo 

Extraordinary-Times.com is a new website created by Martin Seville, Founder of Empathy Coaching, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is designed specifically to highlight, in one place, the support available directly by Martin and his trusted business partners during these Extraordinary times.