What If ...

... you could rise from trauma a renewed Confident version of yourself?

What If you could rise from trauma with a renewed sense of Self-Belief, Self-Esteem and knowing your Values, Beliefs, and Worth?

What If you could rise from trauma with Purpose, Direction, Focus, Commitment to make your life more Positive, Joyous, Productive, Impactful and Abundant?

I encourage you to reflect on these things during our current Extraordinary Times.

How would you feel if you rose from trauma like this? What impact would it have on You, the people around you, your loved ones, your family and your friends?

What If you could rise from trauma writing a new abundant chapter in Your Life Story?

What If you could rise in this way not just out of trauma, but after any difficulties, setbacks, or tough times? You don't need to go through a dramatic personal trauma to rise, like in my story of severe depression, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, insomnia, liver disease, self-harm and worse.

The Extraordinary Times we are living in right now are an incredible opportunity. Mother Nature has forced the human-race across the planet to

Stop, Retreat and Reassess.

You are living through a Global trauma. What happens next is up to You.

I rose from my personal trauma to live the life I describe. That is why I know You can too, during these times.

You have an inspirational opportunity to reflect on what you want Your Future to look like and how You will rise from this global human experience.

So, how are You going to rise from this global trauma? What have You Learnt and what are You going to Do Differently?

I leave you with these powerful questions and reflections. Reflect, be Honest and Dream Big … then join me in my next article for What Now?


Martin Seville © 2020

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Martin Seville

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Martin Seville loves to unlock Adventure through Coaching, Speaking and Writing. He is the founder of Extraordinary Times and Empathy Coaching; and he brings all his passion, experience and training together to Inspire, Motivate and Educate You to build and live an Extraordinary Life.